Conditions & Treatments

What do Otolaryngologists treat?
Texoma ENT & Allergy

A full service Ear, Nose and Throat practice offering a broad array of services for adults and children. We offer allergy testing and treatment, and we provide a diverse variety of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices. Our goal is to provide the BEST ear, nose and throat care to you and your family!

Diseases of the ear include a wide variety of conditions.

At Texoma ENT & Allergy, we are uniquely trained to treat conditions ranging from hearing loss to ear infections to benign and malignant tumors of the ear.

From allergies to sinus infections, diseases of the nose can drastically impact your quality of life.

We offer a variety of nonsurgical and surgical options to help you conquer your sinus and allergies problems.

Examples of throat disorders include large and/or infected tonsils, obstructive sleep apnea and disorders of the voice.

The physicians at Texoma ENT & Allergy are trained to treat these problems.